Reactive dogs

January 7, 2020

Dealing with a reactive dog can be stressful, confusing and conflicting.

So what exactly is a reactive dog? Well it is a dog who overreacts to their triggers, it is not a dog who is nasty, aggressive, not nice or naughty. A fear reactive dog is suffering from a phobia of other dogs, this is a dog who is fearful of other dogs so displays defensive aggression. Typically these dogs are worst on the lead because being on lead interferes with their fight or flight instincts, they are now restricted to fight being the only option left.

Dealing with a reactive dog must be done carefully, we are not only focusing on teaching your dog a new behaviour or obedience. We are working with your dog’s current emotional state, and actively making positive changes to help your dog overcome their fears. It is much more complex than just giving your dog a treat every time they see a dog, that is just ONE chapter in the book. Going straight into that chapter is like skipping the whole book and only reading the last page, there are many, many elements to learn about first.

We can help supply you with all of the elements involved, all the behind the scenes techniques that are easily missed out. We supply you with the whole picture, not just a chapter or two, not just the main sections but with all the information to hand.

Our behaviour packages are specifically designed so that you learn about every element of your dogs behaviour, you will have a full understanding of what to do in all situations. You receive 24/7 support from our qualified behaviourist who will give you advice, a detailed 2 hour in-home consultation, a comprehensive written report and behaviour training plan, practical training sessions and all questions answered.

We don’t rush your training, we work with your dog’s pace and spread the training out over several months to ensure you have received the right amount of support.

Check out our website for a full price range and 5 star testimonials.

Or phone our behaviourist on 07702176796 for a free discovery call to discuss your dogs issues in detail.

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January 7, 2020

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