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Adopting a dog can be nerve wracking, but it doesn't have to be. Rescue dogs can offer the most rewarding companionship and fit into your family life but this can take time and training. It can take several months for a rescue dog to settle in completely and feel comfortable enough to show their true personality. The Sensational Strays Care Packages will help you to enjoy your new companion sooner.   


Owning three rescues myself I speak from experience, originally setting out to buy a puppy and ending up coming home with a problematic spaniel cross, and now I could never imagine life without him. The adoption experience was so rewarding for me that I adopted another spaniel a year later; again he had behavioural problems, 2 years later and I adopted my golden retriever with severe behavioural issues but through patience and the right training they are all thriving as loving companions who fit into my life perfectly. This can be the case for you, it doesn't have to be stressful if you are dedicated to the correct training plan you will personally experience this rewarding journey with your rescue. 


I specialise in rescue dogs and feel passionate about giving them a second chance to live a fulfilled content life with a loving family, but I know they can struggle to adapt to a new life straight away and this can often lead to them being re-homed again, or put into rescue centres and the vicious circle begins.  I have designed a training plan specific to rescue dogs, created to tackle common behavioural issues and anxieties they may have, this plan is then tailor made to suit you and your dogs needs. This training plan will help you build a strong bond with your new companion, help you to build up their trust, give them a new lease of life, help them feel comfortable in their new home, bring their anxiety levels down, and turns them into a more confident happier dog. 

I can adjust and tailor make training plans to suit your rescue dog, depending on the issues your dog may face we offer a variety of options. 

Bethany Bell - Canine consultant and behaviour coach


Hampton Mill, Hampton, Worcestershire

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