Private 1-1 Premium Puppy Training Packages 

Getting a new puppy is a mixture of both excitement and anxiety, and it is exciting but also nerve wracking as things can easily go wrong, or a misunderstood situation can spiral out of control. 

You will want to start your puppy on the right path as soon as possible and have certainty that you will be implementing the correct training methods to start with. Premium Puppy Training Packages will help you build your relationship quicker and with our expert advice and training you can relax knowing that things will go smoothly from here. You will learn the best methods with high end training tips, exclusively customised to you and your puppies needs. Training will be brought to your door with all our knowledge and training equipment all scheduled to fit around your valuable time, sessions do not have to be fixed as we understand your busy schedule and we will fit around your availability. 



Puppy House Visit Consultation 

Start up session  

1 session 

This includes; Settling your puppy into their new home, nutritional advice,behaviour advice, toilet training, health checks, a training check list, training do's and don'ts.


 Premium Training Packages 


Foundation Life Skills Package

Consult and 4 sessions 

This includes, puppy start up visit, sits, downs, stays, loose lead walking, recall, socialisation walks, confidence building tasks, training games, communication skills, and good manners. 

Enhanced Puppy Life Skills Package

6 sessions 

This includes; all of the above; target training, retrieve, emergency stops, fun tricks, off lead heel. This package is exclusive to you, anything you wish to train you can add to your customised training plan, you will also receive professional photos of your dogs progression. 

The Grand Life Skills Package

12 sessions 

This is a training journey that offers you and your puppy every aspect of training, throughout their first year. Start your puppies life on the right track with this comprehensive training package. We support you outside your training sessions and frequently send you information, expert advice and training games to keep you and your dogs focused and motivated. You also receive professional photos throughout the training sessions, and a personalised training plan. 


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