Behaviour Rehabilitation 

   Best suited for;

  • Nervous dogs

  • Hyper aroused dogs

  • Reactive dogs

  • Dog to dog aggression

  • Separation/Isolation and attachment anxiety 

  • Resource guarding

  • House barking

  • Dog fighting within the household

Behaviour Consultations


These last between 1 hour 30 - 2 hours. This involves a house visit with you and your dog, if other family members would like to be involved with this then this is welcomed. We discuss every aspect of your dogs life, from nutrition to cognitive development and associative learning.  We provide you with a full understanding of what your dogs behaviour means, why they are behaving as they are, what you can do to help change their behaviour, when you need to act, how you need to act and why you need to act. All the what, how's, when's and why's are all answered for you in depth with a fully explained scientific behaviour analysis. You will also receive a written report and a step by step plan to ensure  that you have all the information to start you on your journey. 

£130 when booked separately, when a package is booked your behaviour consultation is included within the package. 

Behaviour Training Packages 


All training packages include a fully in depth assessment during the consultation, a customised training package, Practical training sessions, a fully written explanation of behavioural issues and step by step written plan of action, over the phone support throughout and after, group membership in our Facebook support group, and weekly check ins. These packages are personalised around your availability and your needs. Practical training sessions are done in the comfort of your own home and local park at your convenience and at your pace. Each training session lasts 1 hour, the Behaviour consultation lasts 90 minutes. Training sessions can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or every 6 weeks depending on your preference when booked in advance.


We don't offer "quick fix" training solutions as what may seem like a fast solution to a problem often creates an even more severe problem further down the line. This will then cost you much more time to fix what has been broken, short term is never the answer. We show you how to fix the problem long term, this means investing some time into your training plans but we make that easy and manageable for you as we know you have busy schedules. Each dog is different and we treat every case individually so some dogs may change their behaviours quicker than others but the key to all training is time, patience and consistency. Our training is different from traditional old school trainers, you may have been let down previously by unqualified behaviourists but we are degree qualified, accredited and we attend annual seminars and conferences in order to keep up to date on canine cognition research. 


When you invest time into your dog, you will both reap the rewards in the long run, our expert training packages will help guide you to each success throughout your training journey. We provide you with all the information, strategies and confidence for you to take control of stressful situations.

We offer discounts for block payments in advance or we offer monthly payment plans so that we can cater for everyone. 

Behaviour Packages

Or pay upfront for discounted prices!

Additional information 

If you pay for your package upfront you will  have the option to spread your sessions out as frequently as you wish. If you are using our monthly payment plan you are entering into a contract to pay a monthly fee for the duration of the contract, the length of time is stated on each package. 

To ensure that you will progress we do require a pre - consultation over the phone ( free of charge) to discuss all of your options. 

We do require commitment  that you will be able to put changes in place  in order for you to succeed, however we will never ask you to do anything that you are not comfortable with, we are working with you and we will take this treatment plan at your pace and your dogs pace. 

Payment plans are set up via standing order,  once you have confirmed your membership you are required to complete the full membership term and cannot cancel part way, we can however postpone your package but your payment plan must remain in place. 

When booking the Platinum package on the 4  month payment plan you receive an additional 4 months of after care which involves regular support over the phone and email. 

Reactive Dogs

Barking Up the Right Tree specialises in reactive dogs and highly strung dogs who display anxiety and stress. Any breed of dog can be reactive from Cockapoos and Retrievers to Bull breeds, there are no stereotypes and we cater for all breeds without judgement.

Reactive dogs are living in a constant state of stress whilst out on a walk, or when guests come over. It is also very stressful for their owners who end up dreading the walks they used to love so much. Reactive dogs express their fear or hyper-arousal through barking, growling, lunging, snapping, whining, and snarling. Each dog is different so this list is not exhaustive, some dogs may only display one or all listed above and depending on the severity of the behaviour it may take some time to create a different behaviour. It is important to focus on each little success and work your way steadily to your goal rather than jump too quickly and fall back. Choose from one of the packages above to regain you and your dogs happiness and receive expert advice Only positive reinforcement methods used.

Effects of stress 

​Long term stress can have a detrimental affect on your dog’s mental and physical well-being, physical changes occur within the nervous system, high amounts of cortisol levels are released and stay in their nervous system for days, lowering the immune system and eventually leading to poor health. If a stressed dog is exposed to a trigger that they find frightening then their body will be put into a constant state of survival, their immune system and digestion stops functioning properly as this is switched to a less important function.  Energy that was once used to support the immune system has now diverted to coach the dog for the perceived threat, this leads to a damaged immune system, more susceptible to illness and disease and a slower recovery rate. Digestive issues are caused by a decompressed digestive capacity, a full stomach of undigested food is not useful for survival if the perceived threat, puts the dog in apparent danger so a full stomach is often avoided which results in lower energy levels long term. A stressed dog in survival mode will have less quality sleep, constantly on edge and un-relaxed so the body will have less time to regenerate and replace declining cells.  A tired dog is less likely to make rational decisions, and a stressed dog will also have higher levels of emotional hormones, which are repeatedly produced when the dog is exposed to its recurring triggers. The stressed dog’s body is in turmoil, a domino effect is caused as stress = suppressed immunity = receptive to illness = longer recovery time = feeling unwell= more stress. 


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