Meet the BURT Team!

Bethany Bell dog expert

Bethany Bell is accredited and degree qualified in dog behaviour and training.  Bethany started her training journey 10 years ago and has worked with several top trainers over the years. Bethany is also a qualified assistance dog trainer for veterans with dogs and dog aid. 

Head Trainer and Behaviourist

Bethany Bell

dog training

Henry Bell is studying canine behaviour and training through COMPASS. Henry is the owner of Leading With the Right paw, and will soon be offering individual training walks and field hire.  Henry has a real sense of calm around dogs and has a natural skill set of teaching dogs through games and rewards when out on walks. Henry's strengths are training real life skills in a real life environment 

Operations Manager and Administrator 

Henry Bell

dog training

Jo is accredited through IMDT and helps instruct classes in our West Berkshire branch. Jo has a natural flare with dogs and clients and also runs her own training business FurryTails. Jo will soon take over the West Berkshire branch and run classes. Jo is passionate about canine enrichment  and is extremely knowledgeable in canine training. 

Professional Dog Trainer 

Jo Hawker-Woodward

dog training

Hayley will be assisting classes in our canine activity centre in Evesham. Hayley is very experienced with a variety of dogs and runs her own dog walking business in Evesham called Creature Comforts. Hayely has a natural passion and care for all dogs and is passionate about animal welfare.

Professional Dog walker 

Hayley Welburn


Hampton Mill, Hampton, Worcestershire

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