Online Training Academy 

Welcome to our online training academy, where you can learn how to become your dog's expert anywhere in the country! Training coach and qualified behaviourist Bethany Bell will share all of her knowledge and training tips with you, without all the complicated jargon! You will learn everything about your dog, and dog behaviour in general, this is training for you, so that you can feel confident that you are handling your dog the best way. You can choose from our online programmes, virtual consultations or 1-1 online training sessions. 

Online Training Programmes 

What Makes Our Programmes Different?

  • Life Time Access - Sign in at any time and re-watch as many times as you like!

  • Written notes and comprehensive written explanations.

  • A multitude of step by step video tutorials.

  • Educational presentations to ensure you learn the theory not just the training steps!

  • No time pressure! We all live busy lives and pressure isn't a fun or effective way to learn.

  • Brimming with factual content, without all the fluff!

  • Real life training skills, for the things that matter because training shouldn't be strict, it should be fun! 

  • We do not show off with perfect dogs! We have used our own rescue dogs who have not learnt most the tasks filmed, so we can showcase the tasks from scratch.

  • We include our mistakes, so you can learn from them! Dog training should not be pompous or stuffy, it should be relaxing.

  • Direct communication with your trainer/behaviourist, Bethany, who can answer your questions via phone calls or messages.

  • Become part of our exclusive Facebook community to ask group questions, showcase your successes, discuss your struggles and to send some canine humour!

  • We only use force free training, but not just that! We also show you how choice training works, we explain how it works and why it works! We explain in depth about canine psychology so you really do become your dog's expert!

  • You receive a personal e-certificate upon course completion.

  • Your dog receives their very own Dogree! An optional compilation of videos and photos designed by us of your dogs showcasing their new behaviours!

  • It is more than just training! You learn essential and exciting subjects from diet and nutrition, enrichment, prevention of behavioural issues, dealing with behavioural issues, how to change behaviour, how dogs learn, learning from the dog's perspective and so much more! 

We believe that you should be given the full picture, not just the surface scratches! In order to succeed with your dog, you should be given all the facts, ideas, and information available! Don't panic though, we have refined all this information into small manageable videos, that you can watch and re-watch at any time, at your own pace without any pressure. 

Dog training online
Online dog course

Foundation Life Skills Online Training Programme

  • Perfect for dogs of any age, breed or size! 

  • 70+ video presentations and tutorials!

  • Learn diet and nutrition

  • Enrichment ideas

  • Loose lead walking - no more pulling!

  • Fun recall training games

  • Develop impulse control 

  • Polite greetings

  • Food manners 

  • Fun tricks and games 

  • No more counter surfing or stealing

  • Prevent resource guarding

  • Build confidence and resilience 

  • Learn canine body language

  • Learn all about socialisation 

  • Create engagement and focus around distractions 

  • Create calm and settled behaviours. 

  • Differentiate between the myths and the facts.

£97 - Life time access 

Puppy Training Online crash Course

This crash course is used in conjunction to the foundation life skills course. COMING SOON!

Reactivity to Positivity Online Rehabilitation Programme 

  • Includes comprehensive video presentations and written reports 

  • Includes full access to our foundation life skills programme 

  • Video tutorials showcasing our own reactive rescue dogs

  • Videos of reactivity in action and how to deal with it

  • Demonstrations of different force free techniques, offering a diverse way to include different types of reactivity. 

  • Reactivity on walks 

  • Reactivity in the house 

  • Reactivity in the garden 

  • Barking at strangers/neighbours 

  • Barking at other dogs/animals

  • Noise phobias/sensitivities 

  • Barking at the TV 

  • Reactivity towards cars 

  • Reactivity inside the car 

  • Building confidence and resilience 

  • Build trust and strengthen your bond

£150 - Life time access - COMING SOON! .

Online Training 1-1 Tuition

Virtual Training Packages 

Virtual 1-1 consultation 

If you would like to discuss some training or behavioural issues that you are having with your dog, then you can book a virtual face to face consultation where we can discuss in great detail all the information you need to get started, you can also send us videos prior to the consultation so that we can analyse the behaviour you are experiencing and discuss our findings during the consultation. After the consultation you will receive a fully comprehensive written report with everything discussed and a step by step training\behaviour modification plan so that you can start the process as soon as possible. We can cover any issues you are facing and discuss a plan that is customised to you and your dog's needs. 

£65 - 1 hour Consultation 

£120 - 2 hour Consultation 

Virtual training sessions 

If you would like to book a package with a set amount of sessions, then this option can be very effective. Each package includes a virtual consultation. How this works is simple, we set up your phone so that it is showing you and your dog(s) either in your garden, in your home or on a walk, Bethany will then take you through each training task step by step. You will also have full access to our Online training course - Foundation Life Skills, with access to step by step video tutorials and written notes so that you have 24/7 help when you are practising. We would typically start with your sessions inside your home and garden so that you can develop all the necessary skills to then practice outside on a walk, you also have access to our social media members group where you can get involved with fun training tasks and ask questions. You can also phone or email Bethany personally outside of your session for any extra help, which comes inclusive of your training package.


We can cover virtually 

  • Loose lead walking 

  • Recall 

  • Separation anxiety 

  • Fear of noises 

  • Hyperactivity 

  • Puppy training 

  • Teenager dog training 

  • Adult dog training 

  • Polite Greetings (jumping, stealing, etc) 

  • Resource Guarding 

Foundation Skills 


  • 90 minute consultation 

  • x 3 Virtual training sessions 

  • Free access to our online programmes.

  • Customised written reports

  • Join our exclusive members page

Intermediate Skills 


  • 2 hour consultation 

  • x 5 Virtual training sessions 

  • Free access to our online programmes 

  • Customised written reports

  • Join our exclusive members page 

  • A goody bag full of fish for dogs treats and exclusive offers

Complete Advanced Skills


  • x 2 90 minute consultations 

  • x 9 Virtual training sessions 

  • Free access to our online programmes 

  • Customised written reports

  • Join our exclusive members page 

  • A goody bag full of fish for dogs treats and exclusive offers


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