Face to Face Sessions

 Best suited for;

  • Nervous dogs

  • Hyper aroused dogs

  • Reactive dogs

  • Dog to dog aggression

  • Separation/Isolation and attachment anxiety 

  • Resource guarding

  • House barking

  • Dog fighting within the household

Behaviour Training  Therapy 


You will receive a fully in depth assessment during the consultation, a customised training package, Practical training sessions, a fully written explanation of behavioural issues and step by step written plan of action, over the phone support throughout and after, group membership in our Facebook support group, and regular check ins. These packages are personalised around your availability and your needs. Practical training sessions are done in the comfort of your own home and local park at your convenience and at your pace. Each training session lasts 45-90 minutes depending on your needs,  the behaviour consultation lasts 1.5-2 hours. Training sessions can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or every 6 weeks depending on your preference when booked in advance.


We don't offer "quick fix" training solutions as what may seem like a fast solution to a problem often creates an even more severe problem further down the line. This will then cost you much more time to fix what has been broken, short term is never the answer. We show you how to fix the problem long term, this means investing some time into your training plans but we make that easy and manageable for you as we know you have busy schedules. Each dog is different and we treat every case individually so some dogs may change their behaviours quicker than others but the key to all training is time, patience and consistency. Our training is different from traditional old school trainers, you may have been let down previously by unqualified behaviourists but we are degree qualified, accredited and we attend annual seminars and conferences in order to keep up to date on canine cognition research. 


When you invest time into your dog, you will both reap the rewards in the long run, our expert training packages will help guide you to each success throughout your training journey. We provide you with all the information, strategies and confidence for you to take control of stressful situations.

Behaviour Consultation

These last between 1 hour 30 - 2 hours. This involves a house visit with you and your dog, if other family members would like to be involved with this then this is welcomed. We discuss every aspect of your dog's life, from nutrition to cognitive development and associative learning.  We provide you with a full understanding of what your dog's behaviour means, why they are behaving as they are, what you can do to help change their behaviour, when you need to act, how you need to act and why you need to act. All the what, how's, when's and why's are all answered for you in depth with a fully explained scientific behaviour analysis. You will also receive a written report and a step by step plan to ensure  that you have all the information to start you on your journey. 

£170 when booked separately, when a package is booked your behaviour consultation is included within the package. 

Behaviour Therapy Packages

                                                                                Payment Upfront

Our 90 Minute sessions are an option for those who prefer to have a more intensive training plan, this would not be 90 minutes of pure training as it would be split into training and a lengthy debrief to ensure you get the maximum out of each session. Please state how you would like your package upon booking. 


Our 45-1 hour sessions would mostly be training practicals with a smaller debrief each session. 

Life Skills Training 

These sessions are designed to focus on good manners and obedience such as;

  • loose lead walking

  • Recall

  • Polite house greetings

  • Focus around distractions

  • Stealing

  • Dealing with boredom 

  • Off lead heal work

  • Close control

  • Interactive game training

  • House training

  • High Prey drive

To Book a Package please email us stating the package you would like to book and we will sort the rest out for you or if you aren't sure then we can help you decide. Sessions can be spread out weekly, fortnightly or monthly to ensure you have enough time to cover each content and practice the training before the next step.

Puppy Life Skills Packages 

Getting a puppy is an extremely exciting time, but it can be overwhelming, stressful and tiring! It is normal to feel frustrated at times, especially when your cute puppy is puppy biting, toileting in your lovely home and having surges of energetic madness! We understand how this can make you feel, we have been there and have helped so many of our customers get through this stage with ease! We will provide you with all the information and training techniques you need so that you become your puppies expert! Our tailor made packages can give you as much support as you need over as much length of time you require. 

Puppy House Visit Consultation; £155

x 1 Start  Up session

This includes;

  • Settling your puppy into their new home 

  • Nutritional advice

  • Behaviour advice

  • Toilet training

  • Health checks

  • A training check list

  • Puppy survival guide e-booklet​

  • Goody bag filled with treats, food samples, and discount offers for our recommended brands.


Foundation Life Skills Package £370

  • Consultation (Everything mentioned above)

  • 4 LifeSkills sessions

  • Socialisation

  • Loose lead walking

  • Recall games 

  • Stay, down and settles. 

  • Confidence building tasks

  • Fun Games games

  • Communication skills

  • Good manners. 

  • Free Life time access to foundation life skills online training and our puppy online crash course (Coming soon) 

Enhanced Puppy Life Skills Package £550

  • All of the above

  • 6 LifeSkills sessions 

  • Emergency stops 

  • Retrieve 

  • Wait 

  • Advanced recalls 

  • Target training 

  • Anything you wish to add or change

  • Professional Puppy Photo-shoot



The Grand Life Skills Package  £1000

12 LifeSkills sessions 

All of the above included

This is a training journey that offers you and your puppy every aspect of training, throughout their first year. Start your puppies life on the right track with this comprehensive training package. We support you outside your training sessions and frequently send you information, expert advice and training games to keep you and your dogs focused and motivated. This package can offer support to your dog during their first year, up to 12 months of full support 



Oxfordshire, West Berkshire, Wiltshire, The Cotswolds and surrounding area's for face to face training or worldwide for online training.

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