Events and Workshops

We are passionate about spreading fun training techniques and methods that will help you embark on your training journey! 

We will be running several workshops in different locations throughout the year. 


Saturday 8th February; 

10AM - Rapid Recaller’s

This workshop is 90 minutes and consists of 8 recall training games to help your dog learn how to have fun off the lead in a manageable way. You learn how to feel confident letting your dog off the lead, knowing that your dog will come back to you because you will have learnt the best techniques, even around high distractions! This workshop also includes the beginning of emergency stops.

Maximum of 6 spaces

1 PM - Enrichment Enthusiasts

This 90 minute course consists of 10 enriching games that you can play with your dog at home and on a walk, brain training games as well as mentally stimulating activities to engage your dog in. This involves scent work, agility equipment, obstacles, focus training and tricks.

Maximum of 6 spaces

3PM- Loose Leaders

This 90 minute course teaches how to create a calm dog on the lead, so that you and your dog can enjoy walks together again.

This involves 8 training games that help your dogs feel motivated to walk calmly and engaged whilst out and about.

Maximum of 7 spaces


















 Saturday 22nd February

10AM~Confidence Builders

This 90 minute workshop teaches how to build confidence using games, enrichment, and choice, with plenty of patience and space for each dog.

Maximum of 5

1PM ~ Fun Scent Work

This 90 minute workshop shows you how to put your dogs nose to use! Scent work can be incredibly beneficial for dogs who are always busy and need some jobs to keep them occupied

Maximum of 7 spaces.










3PM - Eager Engagement

This 90 minute course teaches your dog to focus around distractions - this involves impulse control games and focus around distractions.

Maximum of 6 spaces.

Each workshop is £25 - Humans go free! Professional photos will be taken of your dogs during the workshops, these will be uploaded to our social page but can be sent to you via request.

We are completely force free, degree qualified, accredited, insured and experienced. We use reward based methods and ethical choice training to ensure the best quality for you and your dog. It has been proven that motivating your dog to work for you instead of using intimidating methods works far more efficiently.

All workshops are suitable for all breeds, all ages and all abilities. We do accept mildly reactive dogs as there will be plenty of space for your dog to feel comfortable with, however if your dog is overwhelmed by dogs at a distance your dog will unlikely benefit from these workshops, please speak to our behaviourist for advice.

We do work in all weathers, however if it is torrential rain, storms or flooding we will postpone to a later date.

Full payment is upfront - your booking is confirmed as soon as payment has been received, sadly we can not hold places for people due to previous experiences. To book please send us an email. 

Please let us know if you have any questions



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