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                                                                     Bethany Bell


                                        PACT and ABTC accredited and Degree qualified  

Why Choose us? 

  • We are highly qualified and we continue to update our certified professional development each year. 

  • We are friendly and approachable, we will never make you feel embarrassed about your dog and we strive to go that extra mile to help you and your dog.

  • We create inventive ways to keep your training fun and realistic

  • We provide continued support outside of training lessons 

  • We are thorough and passionate about what we do.

  • We teach you what to do as well as your dog! 

  • We are emphatic, understanding and we care about every single one of our clients. 

  • We train assistance dogs, pet dogs, puppies, rescues, boisterous teenagers and adult dogs.

  • We rehabilitate dogs with a range of behavioural problems.

  • We provide training packages to ensure that you receive long term ongoing support 

Barking Up the Right Tree specialises in canine behaviour issues, our behaviour expert is qualified, professional and experienced with dogs suffering with nervousness, aggression and reactivity, and highly driven dogs. We don't use quick fix band aid approaches , we investigate the cause, dedicate our time into the root cause of the issue and work closely with our clients in order to ensure progress each step of the way. 

We run a variety of services to suit all aspects of training; 

  • Private 1-1 Life Skills training packages 

  • Private 1-1 behavioural packages and consultations

  • Private 1-1 Puppy Life Skills packages

  • Private group sessions between friends tailored to each of your needs.

  • Fun group training workshops

  • Online consulting and training membership coming soon! 

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How can we help?

  • We can help you build a strong bond, trust and understanding with your dog.

  • We can help your dog understand and learn new skills that you would find beneficial.

  • We can teach you all the skills and knowledge that you will need to continue the training.

  • We enrich your dogs lives, provide mentally stimulating tasks to help dogs suffering from boredom. 

  • We coach you personally so that you can become an expert owner.

  • We help to build your dogs confidence, teach them resilience and teach them to make independent and good choices

  • We teach you control and management skills 

  • We make the training easier for you, and tailor make packages to suit your life style. 

  • We help with complex behaviour issues such as excessive barking, dog to dog aggression, nervousness, separation anxiety, house barking, and guarding issues.

  • We strive to make your walks easier by teaching you loose lead walking skills, and many fun recall games.

  • We can help with a multi-dog /multi-pet household.

  • We can help you prepare your dog for your new baby or other major life changes

Barking Up the Right Tree is happy to be listed as the top 3 dog trainers in the area according to threebestrated.co.uk.

What you will gain

A dog you can understand! 

Sharing your home with a dog can be a dream or a nightmare, dogs are social animals and very much part of the family, set your dogs up with Canine Life Skills to ensure family time is spent having fun, not becoming stressed. Making sure your dog is well trained will give both of you more time to enjoy each other’s company.  With 10 years of experience my modern training system is full of fun techniques that will give you and your dog a happier life together. Specialising in reward based training, with all methods being force free, fun and rewarding for both you and your dog. Training plans are tailor made to suit your individual needs and focuses on strengthening the bond between you and your dogs. Canine Life Skills focuses on choice training which offers a modern way of learning through freedom of choice and in return you receive faster and more reliable results.  Learn to speak canine, gain a better understanding of your dogs behaviour, it's not just receiving instructions to train your dog, but to understand the theory behind the concept.   

****Fully Insured, Experienced, and Qualified****

The waggiest tail, the snuffliest nose
The cheekiest look, the bounciest pose.

The lickiest tongue, the pinkiest tum
The woofiest woof, the chummiest chum:
A loyal companion whose training is key:
You'll be happy to be Barking Up the Right Tree!


( Helen Holmes)

Bethany Bell has been a dog trainer for 10 years and is Accredited through PACT-KSA ( Professional Association of Canine Trainers)  and ABTC ( Animal Behaviour Training Council) alongside her foundation degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Bethany also works as an assistance dog trainer for Veterans With Dogs and Dog A.I.D both reputable charities. As well as being in partnership and ambassador for Butternut box dog food and MyPetYourPet dog sitting services she also runs dog training services for members. Bethany has rehabilitated many rescue dogs and reactive dogs and feels strongly about using modern and up to date training methods to help them succeed. Bethany is passionate about keeping her expertise and knowledge up to date and attends yearly courses and seminars that offer new scientific information regarding canine cognitive behaviours.



  •  PACT and ABTC Accreditation (2018)

  • (FdSc) Degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare (2016)

  • First Diploma in Animal Management (2014)

  • Diploma in Animal care Management (2010) 

               Workshops and Certificates 

  • Attended "Action Conference" 3 day conference - Psychological trauma in dogs; welfare implications and treatment strategies (2019)

  • ​Completed "The Puppy Lab" The School of Canine Science (2019)

  • Dog Aid "Trainer and handler" workshop (2019)

  • Veterans With Dogs "PALS 1 AND 2" (2018) and (2019)

  • Veterans With Dogs - Continuing Professional development - Effective communication skills and safety  (2017)

About Veterans with dogs

Veterans with dogs train dogs specifically to help veterans suffering from conditions such as PTSD. These dogs are trained to help veterans lead independent lives again, the charity has seen a real need to offer a service to veterans suffering with mental health and the results are incredible.  I work as one of the dog trainers for the charity and see it first hand what a remarkable difference it makes to their quality of life. The charity treats their dogs with the utmost care and only uses the most up to date modern force/stress free training methods.

 If you are interested in supporting this incredible charity or becoming involved please check out their website https://veteranswithdogs.org.uk/index.php or click the link below

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