Learn to speak dog....Help your dog's behaviour.

  • Kind, Gentle and effective training

  • Positive reinforcement methods only

  • Modern scientifically proven methods

  • Choice training

  • Ethical methods

  • Scientific factual information

  • Teaching owners and training dogs

  • Fun training techniques 

  • Life Skills training 

  • Accredited

  • Degree qualified

  • Experienced 

  • Fully insured

What makes us different? 

We listen to you and your dogs, we teach you all you need to know about changing behaviour rather than just handing out treats. We work with you and we focus more on changing your dogs emotional state of mind through language and word association than the typical approaches of "every time your dog sees something they don't like, give them a treat" which for the most part does not help to change emotions such as fear or frustration. We offer 1-1 training and behaviour sessions, group classes  and fun enriching workshops. 

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Dog Behaviour and Obedience Training from Qualified Trainers Oxfordshire

Based in Oxfordshire, Barking Up The Right Tree are a small family run business who offer you more than just food treats, we offer you solid science! We make sure you are left well informed with the most cutting-edge information on dog behaviour. We teach you how to communicate effectively, and with true understanding so that your dog can read your intentions and you can read theirs. 

We are dog lovers, so we only use kind and ethical approaches! Everything we do is from the dogs perspective, which is the only true way to change their behaviour and emotional responses. We work with your dogs emotions and never put them in a situation that makes them uncomfortable. 

Is your dog barking, lunging, or creating a scene around other dogs and strangers? This can be embarrassing and upsetting, it also makes your once pleasurable walks a stressful experience.


You may have felt like giving up hope, but we can help you with our obedience training techniques. Perhaps you have a new puppy and don't know where to start. We tailor our training packages to suit your needs, whether you are a first-time dog owner with a brand-new puppy, or you have a multi-dog household, the training is done at your pace.

We specialise in reactive, nervous and anxious dogs.

Maybe your walks have become stressful because your dog is pulling your arms out of their sockets! Or they’re refusing to return to you when you call them, we know how frustrating that can be! So, we have designed a collection of simple obedience training techniques to keep your dogs by your side whether they are on or off the lead! 

Find out how we can help you face to face here.

Do you feel that your dog could benefit from group classes? We offer a range of different group courses for all types of dogs and abilities, all ages and we are family friendly! We currently run outdoor classes in East Ilsley and Standlake village hall which has some outside space also. Our classes are fun, motivating and jam packed full of information to help you in the best possible way. Our venues have plenty of space if your dog needs space, we also work on socialising your dog appropriately so that they are not out of their comfort zone or to over the top. We include life skills training to all of our courses and workshops, and we provide external help and support in-between classes in our members group where you receive free membership. To find out more about our classes click here

Do you struggle to commit to training classes? We all lead busy lives and we understand that time commitment can be difficult, so we have developed an online training academy where you can learn with no time pressure! We have a selection of "ready to go" online courses with step by step video tutorials that you can re-watch as often as you like! Perhaps you find it difficult to meet face to face, but you need 1-1 help? We would not want you to miss out! So, we have designed a simple way to help you 1-1 virtually!

Find out how we can help you online here.  

Dog Heel

Free Discovery call! Call us or leave us your number to have a complimentary chat to discuss your dog's training potential! 07702176796.

Our Group Classes In East Ilsley 

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Our Group Classes In Standlake Village Hall 

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A Glimpse Into Our 1-1 Life Skills Training Sessions. 

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Our Mission 

We believe in dogs! We believe that every single dog deserves the chance to be understood, and we believe that the only way to achieve this is by using modern, force-free training methods and learning new information about how dogs actually think and communicate. There are still many myths and misconceptions surrounding dogs, and our mission is to eradicate those myths by delivering the facts. Our mission has started from a theory, one we are currently testing! We believe that numerous dogs are re-homed due to misunderstood behaviour, that these dogs who have found themselves in rescue centres could have been prevented from behavioural issues if the correct information was available from the start. Our aim is to start at the very beginning and provide well-sourced information, in fun and simple formats so that owners can, not just help their dogs behavioural issues but they could prevent them from occurring in the future. We do not agree that the problem starts with the owner, it runs deeper than this, the problem lies with incorrect information being so freely available and unfortunately still being provided by some unqualified pet professionals. We aim to stop this by joining together with other force-free pet professionals to create regulated and governed information and circulate this within our industry. We are hopeful that if we achieve this goal across pet owners and other pet professionals, we can dramatically reduce the number of dogs being neglected, abused and mistreated in our current society. We do not believe that shaming owners for any mistakes or misinformation is kind or beneficial, we want to inspire owners by motivating them and building their confidence that they absolutely can help their dogs.


Thankfully we have already helped many owners who felt that they would have needed to rehome their dogs because they had tried so many times and sadly the techniques didn't work, we are thankful that we were called to help and were able to turn their lives around for the better. Sadly, the poor advice that is still circulating can cause many owners feeling helpless and facing difficult choices, but it doesn't have to be this way and our mission is to change this! 

If you would like to find out more about us  

Beth makes training simple and her methods WORK and beth is knowledgeable and has helped me not just train my dog but also teaches me about my dog, answers my questions, as daft as that sounds. I'm a first time dog owner so it's a huge learning curve. I would 100 per cent reccomend Beth :) my dog listens to Beth and is much calmer around Beth too. look forward to our next session 

      Harna Marco Husan and Oreo the Lively Cockerpoo! 

                Facebook Review - March 2020

What Do Our Customers Say? 


What You Will Gain

  • A better understanding with your dog, alongside building a solid bond of trust

  • A dog with more enrichment, who in turn will be less bored and more motivated to work! click here to see our enrichment recommendations.

  • A personal coach you can contact anytime to ask for expert advice

  • Peace and quiet! No more house destruction or barking the house down! 

  • Your dog will gain more confidence and resilience.

  • You learn all the facts, you are provided with the full book, not just a chapter! 

  • Simple ways to change complex behaviours, because training should be achievable and fun! 

  • You learn how to train your dog key life skills, not boring traditional training! 

  • Relaxing walks! Gone are the days of having your arms ripped out their sockets

  • You receive a very personal service with tailor-made packages. We don't do generic!

  • You learn how to become your dogs expert! 

  • A dog you can trust, because you will learn how to manage and change their behaviour. 

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